Bar None is changing a new face and name lift fitting the area is required. Time has come to accept new challenges.
The high level and international way of thinking and philosophies of BAR NONE will move into a new location. A location better fitting to the Bar None philosophy and soon we will let you know where exactly.
In the passed 2 years we got compliments and congratulations on a daily basis referring the style, the design, the food quality and presentation, the cocktails and service, the music, the parties and ambiance created every single day in the past 2 years. But now the time of change has arrived.
In the meantime the place will be rebuild into a new concept less sophisticated and more adequate to the area, the neighborhood and the public visiting this area.


Our Philosophy

Part of the BAR NONE worldwide Project network but in a different league, BAR NONE GENEVA follows the exemplary International code  code of conduct in all aspects of our existence.

Offering the quintessential break from the frenzy of urban life and inspired by the mysticism of Japan is a chic and trendy lounge and restaurant in the heart of Geneva. It is a blend of the 21st Century setting with the way of the trend combining concepts of design with the serenity of Buddhism.

As you walk  by, you will be stunned by its fresh proportions; and once you’ve stepped in, you will feel like you’ve been transported to a different world – one with a perfect balance between austerity and richness.

The colors and architecture of a trendy design will  greet you as you enter the BAR NONE

What makes this venue stand out from the rest is the white marble bar  that leads you thru . Dark woods, dim lighting and deific silks help you give in to your senses. BAR NONE  is more than dining. It is a rare indulgence in class and sophistication. Prepare to lose yourself in a realm of sensuality.




Lounge music hovers over this venue as it is all about easy listening.

Chilling out in the abode of BAR NONE  mixologists is sure to take your spirits to higher levels. Choose from chilled  or from fabulous cocktails and mocktails inspired by traditional international  drinks. Lounge music hovers over this venue as it is all about easy listening. As the night progresses, the beats may get quicker and the music a bit louder; but it doesn’t move far away from its genre. The spread of rich silks in Pink  and red and Black  in the decor and furniture remind you that there’s nothing typical about this lounge.









A perfect setting for an escape unlike any other.

When the weather is right and the stars and the moon oblige for a dazzling night out,BAR NONE  terrace is an enchanting retreat. BAR NONE terrace is a perfect setting for an escape unlike any other.






Main Dining

A visual feast for your soul

A visual feast for your soul. This, however, is no competition to the cuisine. In fact, the food and ambience fit like a glove. The word ‘delicious’ does no justice to the chefs’ crafts in BAR NONE kitchens.

We offer Japanese fare in every concept – sashimi, sushi, a la carte – done to perfection, making it rich in flavor and delicate on the tongue.

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